If you are looking for a material for your business or home’s new patio in the market, you possibly think that there are a lot of materials to choose from. Concrete is one of the well-sought material for new patios. Once you opt for concrete for your hardscape, a trusted concrete paving company can install it into two ways, either as solid concrete or concrete patio pavers. Here are what makes them different from each other: 


The moment you opt to set up a patio, the initial step would be to plan out the place. You definitely want your patio to be in the best area within your property, evenly shaped, and accessible. Richmond Driveways Patios can help you be in the best light when it comes to the specifics and direction. The moment our contractors have the patio plan, they will outline the area and will start digging out the soil. Then, we will set up a layer of base material and see to it that it’s already leveled out.  

If you decide to use patio pavers, the contractors will begin at one end of your patio and put the pavers on the ground. While they move over the place, they will guarantee that the pavers are evenly spaced and in the correct pattern. Then, on the top of the patio, they will put special sand to fill in the paver’s cracks. Then, they will solidify the area to make a “seal.” 

Meanwhile, upon using solid concrete, the contractors will line the patio area using wooden planks to make a border, hen, they will dispense a layer of liquid concrete to the bordered area. The moment the place is filled, they will smoothen it out for them to be leveled. Then, the concrete will be set for at least 48 hours to be totally cured. 

Repairs and maintenance 

Fortunately, both solid concrete and patio pavers can be easily maintained. The material is resistant to mold, rot, mildew, water, and more. Concrete could be cleaned using a bristle broom, a cleaner, and warm water. Moreover, both of them can be sealed to add more protection. However, the processes differ in terms of damages, such as fractures, holes, divots, and cracks. You can easily remove one piece of pavers if they are damaged since they are installed as small stones or slabs. On the other hand, if the issue on your solid concrete is severe, you’ll probably have to replace the whole patio area.  

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